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Things to do with Doilies #3: DIY Doily Dress Card

Whilst in my recent pink post I said that I wasn’t such a girly girl, I do (and have always) loved dresses. In particular, I love wedding dresses. My dream job, as I may have mentioned before, is to be Thelma Madine and make enormous extravagant wedding dresses for a living. As I’ve also recently learned that I love papercraft and my new doily die, this little project fits in perfectly!


For the doily dress you need:

A doily (cut using Xcut Vintage Notes Doily Die)
PVA glue
Pink paper or card

For the card you also need:

A blank folded card
2 mini pegs
A black pen or line stamp

1. Cut a section out of the doily as shown – roughly about 1/5.


2. Glue along the cut edge.


3. Fold in one side of the larger section of the doily to form one side of the skirt and press down.

DIY- Paper-Doily-Dress

4. Add more glue and repeat for the other side.

5. Trim the offcut from step one so that the top forms the shape of a bustier.

6. Glue at the waist to the reverse side of the skirt.


7. Cut a thin strip of pink card long enough to cover the front of the skirt and wrap round the back.


8. Glue this along the centre and press into place to cover the join between the two doily pieces and leave to dry.


The dress is now complete and ready to add to the card.

I bought the mini pigs from eBay a while ago just because I thought they were cute so I’ve been waiting for an excuse to use them. I used the line stamp from the bunting set I have to stamp the washing line and glued the pegs into place. (Note the rather glaring design flaw that I stuck one of the pegs down overlapping the edge of the card – this is problematic when it comes to putting it in an envelope! Keep inside the edges of the card unless you want to make your own larger envelopes to fit!)


The beauty of this card is that it’s so quick to make, it only takes a couple of minutes (and that includes cutting the doily out!) and that whilst with a white doily it’s a great design to use as a handmade wedding invitation, a save the date card or as cards to bridesmaids, you could just as easily use a doily in a different colour for female birthday cards, thank you cards etc. Just write or stamp your sentiment inside the card and it’s a lovely handmade personal message!


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