• Crochet Bunny Rabbit Rattle Tutorial

    #TryItTuesday: Crochet Bunny Rabbit Rattle

      The older I get, the more sentimental I become and the more I make, the more I see the value in handmade gifts. One of my friends at work is going on maternity leave so I really wanted to make something special for the baby to let her know how much she’ll be missed. I saw the pattern for this crochet bunny toy at www.lanukas.com and thought it would be perfect. Not to be outdone though I used a very small soft plastic bottle that came with a Hello Fresh order and filled it with kernals of popcorn and inserted it in the centre of the stuffing so that the…

  • Knit A Movember Moustache
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    Knit a Movember Moustache

    Movember is such a good cause but (in most cases) for us girls growing a ‘tache is pretty impossible so why not knit one instead? They only take twenty minutes or so and you can sell them for £1 each to raise money for the charity. The pattern to knit your own moustache is as follows: I used DK wool and 4mm needles. Cast on 1 st leaving a long tail of thread so you can tie the moustache in place. 1. Knit front and back of stitch 2. Purl 2 3. Knit 1, knit 1 front and back 4. Purl 3 5. K1, Knit 2 front and back 6.…

  • DIY Smock Dress
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    DIY Smock Dress

    If ever there’s a trend I like it’s a loosely fitting one, even better if you can make it out of warmish fabric so it’s as much like wearing a nighty as possible. (Sad but true!) Smock dresses are absolutely perfect for this – the whole idea is that they’re oversized and they fit into the 90s grunge revival thing that celebs like Cara Delevigne et al have kicked off. ASOS have lots of smock dresses at the moment in all sorts of fabrics so it’s a great place to go for inspiration. Smocking is the act of sewing loose parallel lines horizontally across the fabric and then pulling the…

  • Leather T-Shirt
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    Newly Made: Leatherette T-Shirt Top

    I needed to find a use for the leftover punched leatherette fabric that I used to make the dungaree dress so, with a couple of hours spare on a Saturday morning, I whipped up a leather look t-shirt. I’d bought this Vogue V8916 sewing pattern for the skirt suit but, as it turns out, it’s great value for money as this T-Shirt pattern is a real gem! (I haven’t got round to making the suit yet.) There are only four pattern pieces and no difficult joins. The sleeves need a bit of easing but only a very minimal amount. It took me less than two hours to cut out the pattern,…

  • How to Knit A Hat
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    Fisherman’s Beanie Hat Knitting Pattern

    My boyfriend has been doing pretty well out of me recently, first the baking and now I’ve gone and knitted him a hat. The hat is becoming an annual tradition, I made him one from the same pattern last year and the other day, he lost it and was having a mad panic. To avoid future crises I decided I’d make him a second one. It only takes an hour or two to complete and isn’t too taxing so a good one to do whilst watching some TV! You’ll need 4mm needles, I used Aran but you could easily use double knitting (DK) instead. 1. Cast on 90 stitches 2. (Knit…