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A Sugarpaste Rose by Any Other Name…

Step 1: Cut out rose shapes

I recently bought some FMM Petal Rose Cutters from and couldn’t resist testing them out.

First I mixed some Gum Tragacanth with sugarpaste to make flower paste and then coloured it with Sugarflair Pink paste. I made a small cone for the centre of the flower and stuck it onto the end of a cocktail stick and set it to one side. 

Next I rolled the sugarpaste to roughly 2mm thickness and cut out one shape each with the 65mm, 75mm and 90mm cutters. 

Taking the 65mm cutout, I scored the lines between the petals to make sure they were fully cut out. I then placed it onto a firm foam pad and softened the edges of 

Step 2: Soften flower

each petal using a large ball tool. Once this was done I flipped over the cutout and ran the ball tool from the centre outside edge of each petal towards the centre to shape the blossom.

Next, I painted two opposite petals with edible glue and also glued half way up the edges of the remaining petals. Then I pierced the centre of the blossom with the cocktail stick and carefully drew it up to the cone.

In turn I wrapped each fully glued petal around the cone and then folded up the remaining petals. You will now begin to see the rose shape develop.

I then set the rose aside to dry for roughly 5 minutes then repeated the process for the 75mm and 90mm cutouts.Step 3: Begin to mould the rose It may work better to cut out one shape, wrap the sugarpaste in cling film and then soften and mould it before cutting out the rest. I noticed that the edges of my sugarpaste cutouts started to dry out while they were waiting to be moulded.

Once the rose is complete the cocktail stick can be removed and the rose set aside to dry – I used egg cups but crumpled foil or kitchen towel would work equally well.

The finished roses make a beautiful addition to any cake or could even be used to create a centre piece for a dining table as they keep so well.

Here are the finished roses:

Sugarpaste Roses

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