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    Bedroom Wallpaper Mural | Bedroom Makeover | Photowall Review

    This Bedroom Wallpaper Mural post contains gifted products. I’ve always wanted a bedroom wallpaper mural and wanted to do something to make our master bedroom in the new house really special. I was so excited when I was approached by Photowall.co.uk to try out one of their gorgeous wall murals or designer wallpapers ! What’s even better is that you can get 25% off everything on their site with the exclusive code they’ve give me! Simply scroll to the end of the post to find out the details! Our new house was built in the 60s and has some very 1960s decor! For example, our bedroom has two walls lined…

  • Morning Skincare Routine
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    Morning Skincare Routine for Acne Prone Skin

    Acne prone skin has been the bane of my life since my early teens. I’ve done a lot of research over the years and I’m pleased to say that I’ve finally found a morning skincare routine for acne prone skin that works to control my oily skin and fight blemishes. When you have acne prone skin, it can be easy to jump to a routine that strips all the natural oils from your skin. Whilst this sounds sensible, what will actually happen if the skin is stripped of oil is that it will make more oil to make up for it! The perfect morning skincare routine for acne prone skin…

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    Self Care Tips and Ideas | Top 10 Self Care Life Hacks

    The importance of self care is widely talked about but it can be difficult to think of self care ideas. A planned daily self care activity can also give you a little something to look forward to! To help you out I’ve listed my top 10 self care ideas for a bit of inspo! 1. Coconut Oil Hair Mask This is the holy grail of haircare and an absolute essential part of my hair care routine. Coconut oil prevents protein loss from the hair, it’s made up of lauric acid, a fatty acid that is the most easily absorbed deep into the hair shaft. You can use any coconut oil…

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    How to Take a Baby Passport Photo

    We’ve made the brave (or stupid) decision to take Theo on holiday soon and so he needed a baby passport and that means a baby passport photo! The very sound of taking a baby passport photo is daunting, it’s bad enough getting one taken for myself! It was actually more stressful for me to think about taking him to Timpson’s or one of the other many places that take passport photos for babies. What if he was crying? What if he needed feeding and they wouldn’t wait? Admittedly the rules on what is and isn’t acceptable for a baby passport photo aren’t as strict as for adults, for example, the…

  • DIY Sofa Cake
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    DIY Sofa Cake for Loaf’s #BakeItToWinIt Competition

    I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but we’ve got a boys’ room in our house, dedicated to films and playstation! My boyfriend originally set it up with some red leather recliners but they’re starting to show wear and tear and could do with replacing. He’s got his heart set on replacing them with a sofa but times are tight so when I saw the Loaf.com Bake It to Win It Competition advertised on Facebook I knew I had to give it a go – it’d make an awesome early Valentines’ present right? The competition rules are simple – bake a replica of any sofa or bed frame in…

  • Free Midi Sewing Pattern

    Free Midi Skirt Sewing Pattern

    I’m so glad that midi skirts have come back in fashion, they’re elegant and comfortable and are appropriate for most situations. They’re also relatively straight forward to sew so I thought that a free midi skirt sewing pattern would be a great download to share with you. You need: Printer 12 sheets of A4 Paper Scissors Pins Tailor’s chalk 3m of your chosen fabric Iron on interfacing Sewing machine 7″ zip Use this link to download the free midi skirt sewing pattern. The  sewing pattern includes a half inch seam allowance that isn’t shown. The pattern is a size 10 but I’ve included some tips on scaling the pattern up…