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Circle Skater Skirt Tutorial


I found the tutorial for this circle skirt in issue 19 of Cloth magazine written by Geneva from A Pair and A Spare (she has an awesome blog). The fabric used is Berta Ruta from Ikea in small, grey check. It’s currently £7/m and is great for dressmaking or home furnishings. I’ve just made some cushion covers with it and am in the process of finishing some living room curtains.

1. Measure your waist in inches and then divide by 6.28. Then measure the length you’d like the skirt to be. Add both together plus an additional 2 inches for the seam allowances.

For example: My waist is 27 inches, divided by 6.28 is 4.5 plus my desired length of 15 inches is 19.5 plus 2 inches of seam allowance is 21.5 inches.

2. Now fold your fabric in half (must be at least the total measurement above.) and in half again.

3. In the fold corner, measure 4.5 inches from the corner and mark in various points to form a quarter of a circle.

4. Repeat for total measurement as above to create a larger quarter circle. Cut along both marked lines.

5. Open out your circle (should be a complete circle with the waist hole in the centre. Cut from bottom to centre in a straight line to form your seam.

6. Measure fabric now against your waist, if it is too big add a couple of pleats – this will also make it fuller.

7. Leaving 0.5 inch allowance stitch the seam and add an 8 inch zip.

8. Hem the top and bottom edges – overcasting first if the fabric is prone to fraying.


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