Cover Up: Covering A Binder with Fabric


This is a really quick and simple one, add a personal touch to plain old ring binders by covering them in fabric. It’s also a good way of using up leftovers – you may recognise this fabric from the latest boiler screen.

1. You will need:
A ring binder
Spray mount

2. The fabric needs to be large enough to cover the binder when it’s laid out flat plus an inch or so allowance round the edges. Cut to size if you have too much. Mitre the corners for neat edges.

3. Spray the outside of the binder with the spray adhesive and then lay it flat in the middle of the fabric. At this point you can also cut a strip for the inside spine of the binder – secure with spray mount. Now spray the glue on the inside edges of the binder and fold the fabric down making sure it’s stretched tight without any bubbles.

4. You can add lining paper to the inside to cover the edges of the fabric if desired – again use the spray mount to secure. Whether you go for a matching fabric for multiple binders or cover each in a different pattern, covered binders make a great addition to your interior design.

Mine are to hold all of my sewing patterns in plastic wallets so I don’t have to keep fighting to get them back into the tiny envelopes!

Another addition to the sewing room complete.


  • Emma

    I found your blog through “love all blogs’ link up, what a lovely blog you have. I am going back to uni next week, so this is a really useful post for me such a great way for me to brighten up my boring binders. X

    • Catherine

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

      I used Bostik Fast-Tak, it was the only thing they had in B&Q but I think most kinds of spray adhesive will do. This one wasn’t great as I think it’s more suited to sticking paper so I’d go for a stronger one if you can.

      Hope this helps x

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