Crochet Christmas Bauble Greetings Cards
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Crochet Christmas Bauble Greetings Cards

It’s the 1st December so about time I got into some Christmas crafting! After making the rabbit I thought of a way to use crochet to spread the festive love by crocheting in the round for a Christmas card. You can make these in various sizes, it’s just a matter of deciding how many rows you want and adjusting the number of stitches for the hanger at the top. It’s also a good one for using up any wool remnants you have hanging around.

I used a 4mm crochet hook, each bauble took about 10 minutes to complete (less for the small ones).

1. Using the magic ring technique DC 6 sts

1. Crochet Magic Ring

2. Six DC

2. Pull the tail to close the centre of the ring

3. Pull Magic Ring Tight

3. Change to your second colour yarn and 2DC in each stitch of the 6 sts. (12 sts)

4. Swap Colour for Second Round

5. DC Round

6. 2DC in Every Stitch

4. (DC, 2DC in next st) 6 times. (18 sts). This completes the small bauble rounds. Skip to step 7 for the large baubles.

5.  Without binding off, change to alternate wool colour and DC in next 2 sts.

7. 3 DC

6. Chain 1 for turning, turn and DC in next 2 sts. Bind off leaving a long tail.

7. For the larger bauble continue (DC in next 2 sts, 2DC in next st) 6 times. (24 sts).

8. Swap colours and DC in next 4 sts. Chain 1 for turning.

9. 4 Sts

9. DC in next 3 sts. Bind off.

10. Fasten Off

10. Turn the bauble over and knot the loose ends in the centre and trim. Then tie the two remaining ends together at the top of the bauble.

11. Tie Off Ends

11. Twist the two tails around each other to get a candy stripe effect, you need about 6cm of striped yarn.

12. Twist Strands

12. Fold the twined yarn back on itself and both lengths should wind together – you can always give this a bit of help if it doesn’t happen naturally.

13. Strands will Intertwine

13. Secure the loose ends into place at the top of the bauble with a blob of glue, I used a glue gun. One finished bauble!

14. Glue Reverse of Bauble

15. Glue Ends

16. Finished Crochet Bauble

14. Now the bauble is ready to attach to blank cards. I used the glue gun again for this. The design possibilities are endless as you can choose any colour or texture of wool that you’d like, be they seasonal colours or a more contemporary combination. You can also create various layouts with the baubles, draw on a tree or a branch to the card and add text or lettering. I quite like the simplicity of just one or two though.

Crochet Bauble Christmas Cards

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