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DIY Daisy Bun Ring

I’m still on the theme of summer hair accessories and faux flowers: summer is so much fun and I love hot weather but it’s a hard time for hair styles. The last thing I want when I’m hot is my hair sticking to the back of my neck so it’s time to start thinking about up dos and this DIY daisy bun ring is perfect for keeping long locks out of the way in style.


The great things I’ve found out about hair accessory tutorials so far is that they’re quick and easy and pretty cheap too which makes them incredibly satisfying projects!


For this tutorial you need:

Faux daisies (I bought mine from eBay – £2.60 for 50!)
Needle and thread
Glue gun


1. Cut a 17cm length of elastic and pin together with ends overlapping by a centimetre.


2. Stitch securely together. I tried to do this on the machine but it didn’t go so well so I ended up doing it by hand…


3. Trim the stalks of the flowers right back and fire up the glue gun


4. Use your hand to stretch the elastic to about the size you expect your bun to be. This will allow you to place the flowers so as little of the elastic underneath shows as possible once it’s on.

5. Add a blob of glue to the underside of the daisy and press into place on the elastic.


6. Repeat all the way round until all the flowers are in place and leave to dry.



7. Use a normal bobble to form a pony tail and then wrap the tail around to form the bun shape. Secure in place by placing the bun ring over the top.

You could do this with any fake flowers but the daisy seems to be having a moment this summer so I’m embracing it!



Bye for now, Cat x
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