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DIY Flower Crown Tutorial #2

After my visit to Glastonbury I fell more in love with flower crowns than ever, they were everywhere, but it also highlighted that ALOT of people shop at Topshop or ASOS so if you want to be unique then you’ve got to DIY! As my first DIY Flower Crown Tutorial used pre-wired artificial flowers from a garland I thought it would also be useful to show you how to convert any old artificial flower arrangement into your own DIY flower crown.


To make your flower crown you need:

– Artificial flowers (mine are from eBay – just search for “fake flowers” or “silk flowers”)
– Glue gun
– Garden wire
– Wire cutters
– Florist’s Tape
– Ribbon


1. Pull the flower heads off the stalks off the arrangements. For this tutorial I used pink roses, pink lillies and yellow daisies.

2. Cut lengths of garden wire to about 4″, you’ll need one piece of wire for each flower head.


3. Trim the tubes at the base of the flower heads so they are only a couple of mm long.


4. Place a blob of glue over the hole at the base of the flower and quickly insert the end of one of the lengths of wire into the hole through the glue. Repeat for the other flower heads and leave to dry.



5. This crown is adjustable so instead of creating a solid loop of wire for your head as per the other tutorial, this time you need to create a loop at both ends and then spiral the ends around the wire to meet in the centre.



6. Now add your flowers to the crown by winding the wire stems around tightly. The great thing about this is that you can move and change your arrangement as many times as you like! Make sure you use the wire cutters to squeeze the raw ends into the crown to avoid any uncomfortable jagged edges.


7. Finally wind the florist’s tape around the wire covering as much of the green wire as possible.


8. Thread some ribbon through the ends and tie in a bow once in place on your head 🙂


Do you prefer this bigger and brighter flower crown or do you prefer the single colour subtler option? I’d love to hear from you!


Bye for now, Cat x

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