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DIY Lanyards – Sass Up Your Work Pass!


My latest DIY was a bit of antidisestablishmentarianism (that’s right!) and team morale boosting in one. Our company has branded lanyards for the various fascias it operates except for one, so rather than settling for a generic one I decided to bring a little bit of spirit to our team by creating DIY lanyards of our own. This is a really cheap DIY as all you need is some ribbon and lobster clips – they can even be hand sewn if you don’t have a sewing machine.


1. Cut your ribbon to a length of 1m

DIY Lanyards_b

2. Double fold in each end of the ribbon

DIY Lanyards_b


3. Thread the ribbon through the end of the lobster clip, match the ends of the ribbon together and then sew across the ribbon to secure into place.
DIY Lanyards_c


4. Pin both ends of the ribbon so that they overlap and sew together.
DIY Lanyards_d


That’s it! Your DIY lanyard is now complete – clip your pass to it and sass it up!DIY Lanyards_eThis is a great make because a single lanyard takes less than 10 minutes, I made eight for my team in a mix of stripe ribbons and chevrons – both of which I picked up on eBay.
DIY Lanyards_g


Bye for now, Cat x
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