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DIY Rose Flower Crown: A Summer Festival Essential

Flower crowns took the fashion pack by storm last summer, becoming a festival essential. This year they’re going to be everywhere – bigger and better. Whilst last year’s crown was subtle and delicate, this year bigger is certainly better with floral crowns of full and oversized blooms.

If you’re not interested in making your own, Rock N Rose have an amazing range of beautiful flower crowns that you can buy but, if you want to create a bespoke flower crown of your own, read on!


I’ve actually ordered some silk flowers from eBay to make a pink rose garland which are shipping from China, I’ve tried to be patient in waiting for them to arrive but wanted to make a crown so much that I started looking round the house for suitable alternatives! I bought these wired rose garlands (again off eBay) a few years ago with the plan of trailing them through the bannisters up the stairs, in practice this didn’t look quite as I’d imagined it though and, instead, one ended up on the boiler screen notice board in the kitchen. The other has been forgotten on a windowsill since, until now! Whilst I’m no longer sure which store I bought the rose garland from you can find lots of similar rose garlands here for under £10.



What else you need:
Garden Wire
Pliers/Wire Cutter
Florist’s Tape in brown


1. Use the wire cutters to cut each rose away from the garland, leaving as much of the rose stem as possible.

2. Wrap a strand of garden wire around your head in the place you want the finished garland to rest and twist the loose end around the other wire at the back to secure.

3. Remove from your head, leaving a tail of about from the crown 75cm cut the garden wire from the reel.

4. Wrap the loose end of the wire in a spiral around the loop of wire. Once complete use the pliers to squeeze the loose ends of wire tightly into place so there are no sharp edges.

5. Place one of the roses in the centre front of the crown and twist the wire stem around the wire of the crown base.

6. Add each rose one at time, securing into place by twisting the stems around the garden wire until all your roses are attached. I had enough roses to fill 3/4 of the crown which I actually quite like, you can make a full floral crown or add only one a few flowers at spaced intervals depending on your taste.




7. Take the florist’s tape and, starting from the back of the crown, wrap tightly around the wire slightly overlapping each layer on the layer before. I hadn’t used floristry tape before and was surprised to find that even though it’s not actually sticky, it does stay in place perfectly.

8. Work around the flower stems wrapping as much of the wire as possible until all the wire is covered and secure the ends.


The beauty of faux flowers is that they don’t wither, so you can get your money’s worth and even wear them in the rain (fingers crossed you don’t have to!) and this summer, they won’t be limited to festivals and will become regulars in sunny day attire as well as for wedding and bridal chic.






Bye for now, Cat x

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