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Free Printables: Mottos To Live By

I’m a total geek. I’m not just a geek, I’m a web geek. I’m not ashamed, I love the internet, so much so that it’s what I do for a living – retail eCommerce. Last week I was lucky enough to attend a talk by Martijn Bertisen from Google who vocalised one of the most sensible things that I have ever heard – “data beats opinion”. Basically, if there’s more than one point of view on how something can be done, test it and find out which is best. In the world of online this is particularly pertinent as everything is measurable – it’s why I love what I do. Long have I been an advocate of multivariate testing but never have I had a phrase such as this to smugly diffuse arguments!

I’ve used this phrase about five times a day everyday since (sometimes facetiously I’ll admit…) but you know what? It doesn’t have to just apply to eCommerce, it can apply to anything. Think one recipe would be better than another? Try them both – testing can be fun!

I’m not satisfied with my own epiphany, wannabe-inspirational manager that I am I’m also trying to drill it into my team hence why I decided to create some printables for their pinboards about some of the most important things to remember on a day-to-day basis.

These are:

1. Test and learn (“data beats opinion”).

2. Good grammar benefits everybody (“use apostrophes wisely”).

3. I like drinking tea ALOT. (“cups of tea = happiness” – a loosely translated version of “make me lots of brews”.)

In the hope that I’m not alone in my geekdom I thought I’d share these on the blog so that you too can share the important messages in life 🙂

Free printables - Mottos to live by

You can download the printables from the links below:
Data beats opinion A4
Data beats opinion A5
Use apostrophes wisely A4
Use apostrophes wisely A5
Cups of tea = happiness A4
Cups of tea =happiness A5

Happy printing! x

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