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Gift Idea: Decorative Washi Taped Jars of Fudge

Recently with decorating the house, making a Christmas party dress, prepping for Christmas and a million and one other things my blog posts have been few and far between. Happily, whilst I haven’t had time to post about my makes I have managed to squeeze in some crafting, here’s one of my recent projects…

Decorative Jars of Fudge

I’ve already admitted to my hoarder like tendencies but sometimes they do pay off! In this case, my reluctance to throw away coffee jars has helped me make cute homemade gifts for my friends and family.

You need:
Empty coffee jars of any shape or size – the are Nescafe Gold Blend Crema Jars
Washi tape in 2 different patterns or colours (I bought mine from eBay)
Fudge – the best recipe I have is from the Carnation website
Card stock

Nescafe Coffee Jar

1. Make sure you’ve washed the jars out in advance and that they’re completely dry

2. Begin with one roll of washi tape and wrap a strip around the base of the lid. Press neatly to cover any mouldings. Cut neatly so that the end of the tape sits on a corner

3. With the alternate washi tape, overlapping by about 1mm, wrap a line of tape above the first.

4. Overlapping by 1mm, wrap a 3rd line of washi tape number 1 around the lid.

5. Now, leaving a gap for a final line of tape around the edge of the lif, stick a line of washi tape number 1 along the left hand edge of the top of the lid. The tape should start and end about 2-3mm over the sides of the lid.

6. Overlapping at the sides in the same way as before alternate strips of the washi tape along the top of the lid.

Place strips of washi tape across the jar lid

Leave a gap in the washi tape at the top of the jar

7. Finish the side of the lid with one final layer of tape 2. This should overlap the line below it by 1mm and should also overlap the strips of tape across the top leaving none of the original lid showing. Make sure you fold the tape neatly at the corners and press down as you go.

8. Complete the jar with a strip of each roll of washi tape around the bottom with a 5mm gap between the two.

Washi tape the bottom of the jar

Washi Taped Coffee Jar

9. Now fill the jar with fudge and cut a handmade label from the cardstock and attach to the neck 0f the jar with a length of twine.

Washi Tape Decorative Coffee Jars

As you can see, it doesn’t matter what colour or pattern of washi tape you have, there are lots of combinations you can use.

Washi Tape Coffee Jar Lids

I also had a spare Douwe Egberts coffee jar, for this one I didn’t bother covering the lid as it’s glass and looks pretty cute, instead I positioned extra stripsof washi tape around the base and the neck of the jar. No matter the shape or size of the jar, washi tape can make anything look pretty!

Douwe Egberts Coffee Jar


Crafted watching: The Originals S1 Episode 9.

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