Sewing oilcloth on the machine
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Handy Hint: Machine Sewing Oilcloth

How to Machine Sew Oilcloth

Machine stitching oilcloth can be tricky as the coated side of the fabric can stick to the metal foot making the stitches uneven. Here’s a quick tip that I learnt from a Martha Stewart tutorial, if you don’t have a plastic/teflon foot (the professional solution!) you can adapt the metal foot by adding a layer of plain old masking tape to the underside. This allows the fabric to slide smoothly under the foot. Nifty eh?

It also helps to mask off the plastic areas of the sewing machine under the oilcloth fabric to allow for a smoother glide, you can either do this with strips of masking tape or use an off it of the oilcloth and tape it down.

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