Free Smock Dress Sewing Pattern Download
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DIY Smock Dress Sewing Pattern – Free Download!

I posted a while ago about the smock dress that I made a while ago from my own pattern, despite some trepidation I thought that I’d share it and add it to the blog as a free download, there still aren’t many smock dress sewing patterns out there and it’s one of the key shapes of the summer (not to mention it’s lovely and slouchy and hides a multitude of sins!). This is the first pattern I’ve ever drafted up in downloadable format so it’s pretty basic – be kind! Free Smock Dress Sewing Pattern Download You can download the pattern here: Smock Dress Sewing Pattern Free Download PLEASE NOTE: When you print; make sure that it prints to the actual size and doesn’t try to scale it to the paper. If I do any more patterns I’ll try and remember to put a scaling square so you can make sure it has printed to the right size. You’ll notice on the pattern that there is a fold line on the centre front and centre back pattern pieces. The centre front fold is to adjust the fit of the garment. I’m a size 10 and the wider fit (as per the floral smock dress image) is quite baggy and oversize. If you wanted it a bit more fitted round the bust just fold it along this line and place it along the fold of your fabric for cutting. The fold line on the back pattern piece is for adding a zip (as per the checked smock dress in my original post). A zip would only be necessary if you made the bodice more snug and your dress was in fabric with no stretch – unless you wanted to add one for decorative effect. Free Smock Dress Sewing Pattern - Download it now Instructions for making the smock dress: 1. Download the PDF and construct matching the notches and letters (A with A etc.). You can stick the sheets together and cut or trace. 2. You’ll notice that the pieces included in the PDF are for the bodice and sleeves only. To cut the skirt cut 2 on the fold of the fabric in the following dimensions (please note the drawing is not to scale): Free Smock Dress Sewing Pattern Download - Skirt Front Pattern Free Smock Dress Sewing Pattern Download - Skirt Back Pattern This measurement gives light smocking around the waist – if you wanted a more gathered skirt add an additional 6 or 8 inches onto the widths. I’m 5’8″ and the length above came just above my knees, I love a short skirt so cut an extra few inches off once you’ve finished. This fabric didn’t require a hem – so bear this in mind if you are going to crop it. 3. Pin and sew the darts in the front bodice and press to the bottom. 4. With right sides facing, sew the front to the back at the shoulder seams and sides. The seam allowance is 5/8″. You will need to hem or bind the neckline at this point if you are using a fabric that will fray. 5.Sew one sleeve together against the long edge, right sides together. 6. With the longest stitch on your machine sew around the curved edge at the top of the sleeve. Leave a long tail and pull to gentle gather the fabric so it eases into the armhole of the bodice. Stitch into place with sleeve seam matching side seam of bodice. Repeat for the other sleeve. The sleeve has enough length to be hemmed and rolled over twice, it can be shortened if necessary. With the longest stitch on your machine sew two lines of stitching along the waist edge of the skirt close about 1/2″ apart. Leave long tails and pull these to gather the fabric until it fits to the waistline of the bodice, with right sides together stich the waistline. 7. If you are adding a zip – you will need to cut the back skirt piece in half, with right sides together sew together the centre back seam from the bottom to an inch above the end of your chosen zip. Using a zipper foot sew your zip into place. Your dress should now be ready to wear! Hopefully this is an easy to follow pattern, I’ve found that it produces consistent results every time. If you have any questions please ask! I’d love to have your feedback on my first attempt at pattern drafting! DIY Smock Dress Pattern - Free Download


    • Catherine

      Thanks Brittni! I love these boots too but they’re so high they give me pins and needles if I wear them too long! I definitely recommend giving sewing a try, I love it and it’s useful for lots of projects. If you ever want to give it a try let me know, I’m always happy to help where I can 🙂 x

  • Kaylee

    Hi Catherine! I am the editor over at and I just love this pattern. I would love to feature it on our site with full credit to you. If you are interested, please send me an email for further information.
    Thanks so much.

  • anoushka

    thank you for sharing!! i find even “trendy teen” new patterns aren’t 100% what i’m looking for but your pattern i will definitely give a go!!

  • Rosemarie

    Thank you very much for this pattern it looks very easy. Everyone needs a sure thing in their wardrobe and a free pattern of that sure thing is even better

  • Sunnie Mitchell

    Wow, thank-you! I’m not a 10, more like a 14 (yes, I’m working on losing a few stone) but think I can adapt this to fit me. Great pattern, great tute! I’ve bookmarked your blog, I love what you posted!

    What kind of fabric did you make this in? It sounds from your post that you used a stretch knit, have you made this in a woven fabric? I’m thinking it would make a really good top in a woven fabric.

    • Catherine

      Hi Sunnie, thanks so much for your lovely comment! I used jersey fabric for this one but I have made it in a woven version and it worked just as well, as the pattern is so slouchy it’s still easy to get on and off. You could also add a zip to back – there’s another post on here with the none stretch one and that has pictures with a zip down the back but to be honest I’ve never had to unzip it! 🙂 x

  • B

    Hi Catherine,

    Do you have a sleeveless version with a square neckline? I live in a very hot climate and perspiration stains are par for the course here. I’m not much of a sewer so trying to modify the pattern would be impossible for me. I love the fact it will hide a multitude of sins because lordy-be I have my share! I wear a lot of tunic type style tops and it is hard to find nice fitting, longer style tops. This is a wonderful pattern, thanks for sharing. B

    • Catherine

      Hi B, thanks for your lovely comment! For a sleeveless version you can just turn under the raw edges of the armholes and hem. I haven’t got a square neckline version at the moment but I could probably draft one for you. I’m just about to go away on holiday but will try and pull something together for you when I get back x

  • Rochelle

    Is there a piece for the sleeves. Usually I just miss the spot to click…I looked for it though. Love the dress…it’ll be a shirt for me. Thanks!

  • Jenny

    Fantastic pattern Catherine, thank you so much for sharing!
    I was just wondering if you thought it would work with a cotton fabric? Ive got some Riley Blake cottage garden in Teal that I have been saving for ages. Maybe with a funky contrast zip on the back? Think this would look amazing with a pair of leggings for winter.

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