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Snooze Shade Review: A Must-Have for Hot Weather & Holidays with a Newborn

I wanted to do a Snooze Shade review because since I bought it I am just so impressed! The Snooze Shade Original was designed by a British Mum because she couldn’t find anything suitable already on the market which is probably why it’s just so bloody useful. Even when the weather isn’t so unseasonably hot like it is right now, there are still plenty of sunny days in the UK and if you’re going on holiday the Snooze Shade is an absolute godsend!

Snooze Shade Review

My mother-in-law bought us an iSafe shade from eBay first but it’s lime green so super bright and was really difficult to fix to the pushchair. I think that’s mostly because we’re still parent facing so it’s designed to attach to the handles facing outwards which is no good. It also didn’t extend far enough to always block the sun and with Theo only being three months old that wasn’t useful either. It was also similar in construction to a pop up tent and getting it back down and into the bag totally defeated me!

So I went on Amazon trying to find something else and I came across the Snooze Shade. At £19.99 it’s more expensive than some of it’s counterparts but it has a load of benefits that make it totally worth it – I’ll list them below:

  • It’s universal – so it fits any pram or pushchair. I was sceptical about this as we have a Nuna Mixx and it seems to be a tricky one to fit stuff too but I was wrong, the Snooze Shade fits perfectly! It’s elasticated at each end so fits over the hood of the buggy and stays on, the other end fits over the handle and it has three Velcro toggles to strap it to the sides.Snooze Shade Review - universal fit
  • Easy to use – much less faff that a parasol, I’ve watched my friends wrestling with the evil things lots of times! I mentioned the iSafe Shade earlier, I’m sure there are lots of others available but the Snooze Shade is certain to be as easy or way easier than it’s competitors.
  • It blocks 99% of UV – stops the harmful rays from reaching previous newborn skin. I’m super paranoid about Theo being in the sun for even a few seconds so this is great for putting my mind at ease.
  • It’s made of air-permeable mesh – this is better than breathable fabric. Also, because it goes over the pushchair handle it means that the baby isn’t closed off, there’s still plenty of air circulating around. I’m a worrier so probably wouldn’t risk covering the pram opening completely but I don’t have to which is fab!
  • It has a zip in it so you can peak in at the baby whenever you want! Another of my issues with the iSafe cover (which I did manage to use once by fastening it to the pram with pegs) was that I couldn’t see him at all or know if he was shaded completely.

Snooze Shade Review -Zip

  • It’s really easy to get on and off because of the elasticated elements and handy Velcro fastenings.
  • You can also use it as a blanket for baby just covering their legs to protect from the sun rather than putting it over the pram.
  • It’s a great sleep aid as it creates a shady space for baby. This is fab for us as Theo will only nap in his pram in the daytime.

I can not recommend the Snooze Shade enough! We’ve got the black version with lime green trim – the plainer black and grey was £23.99 and times are tight on statutory maternity pay! There’s a version with pink trim that was £23.99 too. I quite like our one though as the pram is grey so it’s nice to have a bit of a pop of colour.


I hope you enjoyed my Snooze Shade review and found it useful. You can buy the Snooze Shade on Amazon. Have you found any essential products for the hot weather? I’d love to hear about them – comment below or hit me up on instagram!

Bye for now, Cat x
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Snooze Shade Review

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