• DIY Valentine Decorated Cupcakes
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    Valentine’s Day Cupcake Decoration Ideas

    Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is the first gift giving occasion of the new year and it’s just around the corner. Homemade gifts always mean that little bit more (unless my boyfriend is reading this, in which case nothing means more than Mulberry!) and if you’re struggling to think of the perfect gift for a partner or a friend, cupcakes are a great way to go. I spent my weekend playing around with various options for creating some Valentine’s cupcake decoration ideas to share with you. 1. Piped Buttercream Roses This one’s lovely and simple, with a closed star nozzle, starting from the centre of the cupcake, pipe…

  • Baking,  Cake Decorating,  Tutorials

    Topiary Cupcakes

    These cute cupcakes use a chocolate cupcake and buttercream recipe from Juliet Sear’s Cake Decorating Bible. They are baked in silicone flower pot muffin cases from Lakeland. Using Holly Green coloring I tinted the buttercream and applied it to the top of the cupcake using a palette knife, creating small peaks to create a grassy effect. The bushes are made from vanilla cake pops (made using the Lakeland cake pop tin with icing applied in the same way. I coloured a small amount of the buttercream pink and used a piping bag and a #13 nozzle to pipe small blossoms onto the cake to complete. (Not shown).