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    How to Decorate a Minion Cake #2

    Earlier this year I helped my friend make a minion cake for her little boy’s birthday and recently I was asked to make another one with a twist – a minion in a pirate costume! I’ve already written a post on how to decorate a minion cake so I won’t bore you with too many details but what I did want to show is that practice really does make perfect! Most of the techniques I used were the same as last time although there were a couple of changes I made: For the eyes I used pastry cutters to cut out the outer circle of grey and dusted it with…

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    The Ultimate Carrot Cake Recipe (with Cream Cheese Frosting)

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the best kind of baking is baking cakes I don’t like. You get all the pleasure of producing something beautiful without any of the associated calories! This is one of my favourite recipes, I’ve made it a few times and the feedback I get on it is always phenomenal – it’s a pretty easy bake too so if you need a good cake last minute this carrot cake recipe is the one for you! I’m afraid I didn’t take any pictures during the baking process but the instructions are fairly simple and I’ve included a couple of notes on things to…

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    Valentine’s Day Cupcake Decoration Ideas

    Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is the first gift giving occasion of the new year and it’s just around the corner. Homemade gifts always mean that little bit more (unless my boyfriend is reading this, in which case nothing means more than Mulberry!) and if you’re struggling to think of the perfect gift for a partner or a friend, cupcakes are a great way to go. I spent my weekend playing around with various options for creating some Valentine’s cupcake decoration ideas to share with you. 1. Piped Buttercream Roses This one’s lovely and simple, with a closed star nozzle, starting from the centre of the cupcake, pipe…

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    School’s Out!

    This is my final assessment piece for my cake decorating qualification. It features: – Piped lettering – Graduated line work – Piped flowers – Scrollwork I’ll find out my mark next week but I’ve definitely passed so I’ve got a real cake decorating qualification, who’d have thunk it?? Tutorial to follow soon on the piped orange flower. Update: I got a distinction!!! Whoop.

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    Piped Flowers: Easter Daffodils

    Just a quickie – royal iced flowers are great for getting ready in advance. Add a bit of gum trag to the icing for strength and using a leaf nozzle pipe five or six petals in a circle onto a square of grease proof paper. Once dry, colour some icing yellow and pipe a built up spiral using a number 2 writing nozzle in the centre of the petals. Leave to dry and then carefully peel off the paper and stick to your cake with a blob of royal icing.

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    Train Driver Cake Topper

    This is the cake topper I’ve made for my boyfriend’s dad’s 60th birthday party. He loves trains so the cake is going to have a railway theme (I have a model steam engine drying as I type!). This is the first model person I’ve ever made and I’m pretty proud of him, although he does only bear passing resemblance to the birthday boy! I used Sainsburys own ready-to-roll icing and Dr Oetker Coloured Regal-Ice plus additional pastes as follows: Paprika/Flesh – head and hands Liquorice – hair (tiny amount) Navy – jacket and hat (used in addition to pre-coloured blue) His trousers and tie used the pre-coloured icing. His legs…

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    Making Sugarpaste Bows

    Tonight I made an icing bow to use on the christening cake I’m making for my assessment. Although the instructions are easy to follow it’s actually quite tricky to get the bow to look perfect (particularly with acrylic nails!). 1. Roll the icing out thinly. Mine is coloured with Wilton Rose Red and has some Sugarcell mixed in so that it will dry solid. 2. Using a ribbon cutter (or a knife) cut a strip of icing at the desired with – should be just over twice as long as you’d like the bow to be. 3. Now cut the strip of ribbon in half vertically. Dab the inside of…

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    The Power of the Crimp

    Last night’s cake decorating lesson was all about sugarpaste. We covered boards and polystyrene dummies with a layer of sugarpaste and also learnt about embossing and crimping. The picture shows my crimping practice on a test dummy. I’m still a beginner with the crimper but here are some tips that helped me improve: 1. There’s no need to push the crimper right into the sugarpaste, a milimetre or two is enough. 2. Hold the crimper as shown in the picture. Gently squeeze the crimpers together slightly – squeezing too hard makes the indent stick out and look silly and untidy. 3. Move the cake so the section you are crimping…

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    A Sugarpaste Rose by Any Other Name…

    I recently bought some FMM Petal Rose Cutters from partyanimalonline.com and couldn’t resist testing them out. First I mixed some Gum Tragacanth with sugarpaste to make flower paste and then coloured it with Sugarflair Pink paste. I made a small cone for the centre of the flower and stuck it onto the end of a cocktail stick and set it to one side.  Next I rolled the sugarpaste to roughly 2mm thickness and cut out one shape each with the 65mm, 75mm and 90mm cutters.  Taking the 65mm cutout, I scored the lines between the petals to make sure they were fully cut out. I then placed it onto a firm foam…

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    Topiary Cupcakes

    These cute cupcakes use a chocolate cupcake and buttercream recipe from Juliet Sear’s Cake Decorating Bible. They are baked in silicone flower pot muffin cases from Lakeland. Using Holly Green coloring I tinted the buttercream and applied it to the top of the cupcake using a palette knife, creating small peaks to create a grassy effect. The bushes are made from vanilla cake pops (made using the Lakeland cake pop tin with icing applied in the same way. I coloured a small amount of the buttercream pink and used a piping bag and a #13 nozzle to pipe small blossoms onto the cake to complete. (Not shown).