8 Month Baby Update
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8 Month Baby Update – Theo’s Development & Milestones


I know, I know, I’m posting Theo’s 8 Month Baby Update really late! He’s 9 months old in 4 days!  Even though it’s late it’s all still true and relevant and it sets the scene for the 9 month baby update, which let me tell you, is eventful!!

8 Month Baby Update

8 Month Baby Height & Weight:

Weight: 9.71kg / 21lbs 7ozs – 86th percentile

Height: 73.6cm / 29” – 91st percentile

Clothing Size: 9-12 months

8 Month Baby Update

8 Month Developmental Milestones:

  • Commando Crawling: This type of crawling us when a baby just pulls himself around by his arms and drags his legs behind him. What a huge change it is to have a baby who is on the move! It came as a massive, massive shock and I spent a couple of weeks feeling completely overwhelmed! I couldn’t look away from him, I was used to being able to get dressed, answer text messages and watch a bit of TV but that was all gone! It took about a fortnight for me to get back into the swing of things but be prepared for it to affect you the same way!
  • Getting Up Onto His Knees: whilst he hadn’t cracked how to crawl on his knees he learnt how to push himself up to a kneeling position, this might not be much but it led to the next development…
  • Sitting Himself Up: Pretty soon after he learnt to kneel, he realised that if he shifted his bum over he could sit up by himself. Once he’d done it the first time he never stopped!

8 Month Old Baby Food & Meals:

8 Month Baby Update

Theo is still breastfed four times in the day and then throughout the night as needed. In terms of food I’ve stopped blending his food and instead use a potato masher for his veg etc so his food it quite lumpy but still softish.

I’m still trying to keep finger food interesting for him. This month I’ve introduced him to porridge fingers (click for the recipe), tortilla wraps, hoummous, rice and nectarines.


8 Month Teething:

8 Month Baby Update

Still no teeth! His gums are still hard and he’s dribbling and chewing as usual but no sign of those elusive peggies!

8 Month Old Sleep:

8 Month Baby Update

Since the sleep training last month things have improved so much! He goes to sleep on his own after a couple of minutes with no crying and he’s only wakes up once usually for a feed and then sleeps to between 7am and 8am. He slept through the night once but I’m not complaining because this is so much better than every 90 minutes or two hours like it was before. I’m sure eventually he’ll sleep through but I’m getting decent chunks of sleep so I’ll take it!

8 Month Baby Update Vlog

That’s all I’ve got to report for my eight month baby update but keep your eyes peeled for the next one (in less than a month – doh!). So much has happened in the eighth month you won’t want to miss it!

Was your baby’s development at eight months old similar to Theo’s? I’d love to know how he compares to other babies. Leave me a comment below!



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