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Things To Do With Jars

Sorry for the hiatus folks, I’ve been working on a couple of exciting projects which has left OHD a little bit neglected! Rest assured I’m back, I’m inspired and I’m ready to blog!

After the B&Q AW14 press day earlier in the year, I was really impressed with their attention to detail on the home furnishings front and the little extra touches. One of my favourites was this large jar which can fill a multitude of purposes! When I was lucky enough to be given the chance to choose my favourite piece from the collection to post about, the jar was a no brainer.

What I really love about this jar is that it’s a blank canvas, it’s functional but also stylish and fits into most room settings. I wanted to explore some options so tried a few different things to show you how truly versatile the jar is and hopefully give you some ideas of things to do with jars.

Flower Display:

flowers in a jar

Add some colour to your jar by filling it with faux flowers – these were cheap ones I bought earlier in the year from eBay. The whites, yellows and pinks give a lovely pop of colour. You could do this with real flowers but I’m lazy and like ones that don’t die!

candle in a jar

Large church candles look good in any receptacle! Just a word of warning – if you light the candle don’t put the jar lid on!

Christmas Sparkle:

Fairy lights in a jar

This was an idea I took from the B&Q press day, use battery operated fairy lights   and put them inside the jar. These ones are great as they have a multitude of settings so can twinkle at the touch of a button – romantic eh?

These are just a few ways that you could use the jar, other ideas include:

Filling it with Christmas Baubles

Using it to store brightly coloured sweets or marshmallows

I missed Halloween with this one but filling it with green liquid and some suspicious floating items would make a great decoration (and potentially a fun game for the kids!)

Unfortunately my jar isn’t available online but this vintage glass jar is just as cute and all the above are equally possible.

Bye for now, Cat x
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