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Upcycling Ideas: DIY Gold Birkenstock Sandals

When I was little that my grandma had a pair of two strap Birkenstocks and I remember thinking to myself every time she wore them how ugly they were, how I wouldn’t EVER wear shoes that were so clumsy and old lady looking… probably shouldn’t admit that based on what I’m about to tell you! 20 years later and I’ve pretty much changed my tune, I love Birkenstock style shoes, they are SO comfy and I now appreciate that they’re so ugly that they are, in fact beautiful. Especially when they’re gold!

Upcycling Ideas DIY Gold Birkenstocks_i

I bought these white double strap slider sandals from Topshop a couple of months ago and have worn them to death, they’re scuffed and have even worn away a little bit on the inside but you know me, I hate throwing anything away but even I was fresh out of upcycling ideas. One of my friends posted a picture of her brand new gold Birkenstocks the other day and I instantly fell in love, I’d also bought a can of metallic spray paint from B&Q the other day for something else and suddenly a light bulb went on in my head, a little refresh was all my sandals needed!

To upcyle your sandals you need:
Old sandals
Bright Gold Rustoleum Spray Paint
Masking tape
Mod Podge
Paint brush

1. Make sure your sandals are as clean as possible – I used baby wipes for this. As you can see from the below, mine were pretty dirty before I started!

Upcycling Ideas DIY Gold Birkenstocks_b

2. Mask off the inside of the sandal straps with tape, the fold outwards and use more masking tape to hold into place so that the footbed of the sandal is accessible.

Upcycling Ideas DIY Gold Birkenstocks_c

Upcycling Ideas DIY Gold Birkenstocks_d

4. Apply 2 or 3 light coats of spray paint to to the insole a few minutes apart until completely covered and leave to dry for 20 minutes.

Upcycling Ideas DIY Gold Birkenstocks_e

5. Fold the straps back over but don’t fasten. use the masking tape to secure in an arch. Roll up some newspaper and put it inside the sandal to protect the footbed that you’ve already sprayed. Mask off the outside of the sandals’ soles.

Upcycling Ideas DIY Gold Birkenstocks_f

6. Apply light coats of paint as before. Between each coat rotate the buckles so the leather underneath is completely covered.

Upcycling Ideas DIY Gold Birkenstocks_gUpcycling Ideas DIY Gold Birkenstocks_h

7. Remove all of the masking tape.

8. With the paint brush add a coat of mod podge to the footbed of the sandal – this will seal the paint and stop it from rubbing off.

Upcycling Ideas DIY Gold Birkenstocks_a

9. Repeat for the sandal straps to stop them from marking – be careful of the areas around the buckles. Leave to dry overnight.

10. Buckle up and put ’em on!

Upcycling Ideas DIY Gold Birkenstocks_j

Have you got any upcycling ideas for old footwear? Have you upcycled some of your favourite shoes in the past? Do you love or hate two strap sandals? Comment below – I’d love to hear your opinions 🙂

Bye for now, Cat x
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