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Upcycling A Wine Bottle with Spray Paint

It’s been a while since my last post, I’ve been on holiday and also working on a couple of exciting projects that I’ll be able to share soon but I’m back now and back to crafting with a vengeance!

One thing my holiday confirmed for me is that I really like wine, which is unfortunate because not only is it alcoholic so not acceptable to consume that often, it’s also the devil’s work when it comes to dieting (sugar overload). You can’t win them all can you? One of my favourite wines is a Rose called Mateus Tempranillo and its unusual shaped packaging is a great candidate for an upcycling a wine bottle tutorial!


This is a quick and easy project, you will need;
A wine bottle
Masking tape
Spray paint – I used metallic gold but any colour will work


1. Make sure the bottle is clean and all of the sticky residue from the labels has been removed.


2. Using the tape and the newspaper, mask off sections of the bottle to your desired pattern. I added two stripes first and then added more after to make sure I was happy with the pattern, it’s up to you how you do this. Make sure the lines are even and you press the edge of the tape of the down firmly all the way round to avoid wobbly lines and uneven edges.


3. Add the paint in a few light coats leaving a few minutes between each – this stops drips from forming.



4. Leave to dry and then remove the tape and admire your handywork!


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