Mumba Bra Review
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Mumba Bra Review – An Innovative New Nursing Bra

Mumba Bra very kindly sent me one of their nursing bras to review recently. As a breastfeeding mum, I’ve found nursing bras to be quite hit and miss. If they’re easy to use they don’t fit well or give you  much shape, if they fit nicely then they aren’t easy to feed in etc. The Mumba Bra does both well and it even has some extra, innovative features that really make a difference!

The first innovation is the Mumba Clasp; it  allows  you to keep track of which side you last fed from as you go! When you’re sleep deprived it’s hard to remember what happened five minutes before so taking any sort of brain function out of this equation is definitely a winner! The clasp is numbered one to four and each time you’ve finished a feed you simply clip back on to the next number. That way you know to start from the lowest number the next time you feed. Pretty clever huh?

Mumba Bra Review

The second exciting feature of the Mumba Bra is that it has a geometric patterned panel to keep the baby’s attention while he feeds. Breastfeeding in the early days is the be all and end all for a baby, you don’t have to worry about their attention wandering because food is the main priority. That’s definitely not the case as the baby gets older! If someone is in the room with me I have absolutely no chance of Theo taking a feed because he’s too busy having a nosy at what else is going on. The pattern on the Mumba Bra is great because it’s really interesting for the baby’s brain and helps prolong a feed even in busy places.

Importantly, the bra fits well too. I was surprised about this as it comes in S/M/L rather than specific back and cup sizes. It creates a really flattering shape too which is very unusual for nursing bras in my experience.

At £26 the Mumba Bra is on the pricier side but for the extra features and the great fit I would definitely recommend it. With the price tag, it might not form the basis of your everyday wardrobe but it’s definitely a must have for going out and about, especially if you want to look and feel good in your clothes.

I’ve also done a video review which you can watch below;

As I mentioned above, I was gifted the Mumba Bra in exchange for an honest review. These are all my genuine opinions of the bra. Have you tried the Mumba Bra? What did you think? Leave me a comment below!

Mumba Bra: Breastfeeding Innovation

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