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    Bedroom Wallpaper Mural | Bedroom Makeover | Photowall Review

    This Bedroom Wallpaper Mural post contains gifted products. I’ve always wanted a bedroom wallpaper mural and wanted to do something to make our master bedroom in the new house really special. I was so excited when I was approached by Photowall.co.uk to try out one of their gorgeous wall murals or designer wallpapers ! What’s even better is that you can get 25% off everything on their site with the exclusive code they’ve give me! Simply scroll to the end of the post to find out the details! Our new house was built in the 60s and has some very 1960s decor! For example, our bedroom has two walls lined…

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    How to Make A Sunburst Mirror | DIY Mirror Tutorial

    Sunburst mirrors make a huge statement and look great in a scandi inspired interior (which you know I love!). I’d seen a couple around and decided that I’d try and figure out how to make a sunburst mirror for myself! It turned out to be really easy! If you’d prefer to watch this tutorial rather than read it, you can watch it on my YouTube channel via the thumbnail below. For this tutorial you will need: 20cm Mirror* Garden Canes* ( cut to 16 x 40cm, 32 x 30cm, 16 x 25cm) Wooden Hoops (1 x 20cm, 1 x 30cm) Glue gun* White string* Superglue or UHU Tape (*These links…

  • The best foundation for acne

    The BEST Foundation for Oily Skin & Acne! | Bareminerals Foundation Review

    I have searched for many years to find the best foundation for my oily skin that is prone to acne. I’ve tried foundations costing from £6 to £50 and guess what? None of them suited me. Until I found this one! I realised that the mistake that I was making was that I kept trying different kinds of liquid foundation. It’s the default kind right? But liquid foundation just doesn’t seem to suit oily skin. After a couple of hours, it just seems to lift off my face and sits on top of it as if I haven’t bothered to blend it out or rub it in. It’s not a…

  • Morning Skincare Routine
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    Morning Skincare Routine for Acne Prone Skin

    Acne prone skin has been the bane of my life since my early teens. I’ve done a lot of research over the years and I’m pleased to say that I’ve finally found a morning skincare routine for acne prone skin that works to control my oily skin and fight blemishes. When you have acne prone skin, it can be easy to jump to a routine that strips all the natural oils from your skin. Whilst this sounds sensible, what will actually happen if the skin is stripped of oil is that it will make more oil to make up for it! The perfect morning skincare routine for acne prone skin…

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    Asos Haul | Huge Summer Fashion Haul

    When I say huge summer Asos haul, I really mean huge! Lockdown seems to have levelled up my online shopping hobby to competitive level! In my latest asos haul I probably spent about £400 – shocking right? I just can’t seem to stop myself! I pretty much got a full summer wardrobe in this haul. I’ve really gotten into playsuits and jumpsuits so they feature pretty heavily. As a mum, dresses just aren’t always practical because when you’re running round after a two year old, building dens, doing jigsaws and changing nappies, you can’t always protect your modesty with a dress! The american’s call playsuits ‘rompers’ for a reason! I…

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    The BEST Virgin Margarita Recipe | Syn Free & Low Calorie

    A Virgin margarita sounds like it’d be a poor substitute for the cocktail of dreams right? Wrong! This one is gives you all the feels of the original with no booze and even better, barely any calories. If you’re following Slimming World, it’s a completely syn free cocktail so you can have as many as you want! What is a Virgin Margarita? Now stay with me, ‘virgin’ cocktails are alcohol free. Since being in lockdown I’ve had way more alcohol than is good for me and it had to stop. I’ve not gone light on the food either hence the search for a low calorie cocktail option. If you’re thinking…

  • Chi Chi London SS20 Edit
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    Chi Chi London SS20 Edit | My Favourite Pieces

    This post contains gifted products from Chi Chi London. Chi Chi London is one of my favourite brands for gorgeous dresses but I only discovered recently that they do gorgeous shoes and bags too! Their spring collection is full of head to toe occassion outfits that are perfect for weddings. But as we’re stuck in lockdown, dressing up at home for a date night will do! Chi Chi have a tall, petite and curve collection alongside their main range so they cater for all shapes and sizes. They have a full range of clothing too. It isn’t just dresses – they even have a swimwear range! Chi Chi London x…

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    Self Care Tips and Ideas | Top 10 Self Care Life Hacks

    The importance of self care is widely talked about but it can be difficult to think of self care ideas. A planned daily self care activity can also give you a little something to look forward to! To help you out I’ve listed my top 10 self care ideas for a bit of inspo! 1. Coconut Oil Hair Mask This is the holy grail of haircare and an absolute essential part of my hair care routine. Coconut oil prevents protein loss from the hair, it’s made up of lauric acid, a fatty acid that is the most easily absorbed deep into the hair shaft. You can use any coconut oil…

  • Top 5 Tips for Working from Home
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    Tips for Working from Home & Staying Sane in Lockdown

    I thought I’d love the working from home life but it’s not quite the way I planned with my husband also having to work from home plus a two year old to look after! A few days in, here are my top tips for working from home, staying sane and being as productive as possible! 1. Routine Laying out a rough routine has really helped. We’ve agreed to work in shift patterns so one of us looks after Theo in the morning while the other works, we both work while he’s asleep at lunchtime and then swap over in the afternoon.  We’ve also drawn up a plan for the day…