• Best free baby knitting patterns

    My Favourite Baby Knitting Patterns

    TodayI’m going to share with you my four favourite free baby knitting patterns and my finished versions. I had big plans to make loads and loads of stuff in preparation for the baby’s arrival but unfortunately I’ve had loads of trouble with my back (in the erector spinae muscle if you’re interested) which has made it really difficult for me to sit upright and knit or sew. I’m pretty gutted about this but have still managed to make him a few things in time for his arrival in the next couple of weeks. Baby knitting is my favourite knitting because small pieces take less time and so are super satisfying…

  • Tiny Baby Hat Knitting Pattern
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    Adam’s story + Preemie & Stillborn Baby Hat Knitting Pattern

    Just a warning that this post includes some sensitive and emotive topics before we get to the baby hat knitting pattern. For anyone following the Oh Hi DIY instagram (@ohhidiy), you’ll probably already know that I’m 29 weeks pregnant! What you might not know, is that I was also pregnant at the end of 2016. At the 20 week anomaly scan we were told that our little boy, Adam, wasn’t growing properly. He was subsequently diagnosed with Thanatophoric Dysplasia – a skeletal condition that means the rib cage and the limb bones do not grow. The condition’s name is derived from a Greek work “Thanatos” which means “death bringing” –…

  • Knit A Movember Moustache
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    Knit a Movember Moustache

    Movember is such a good cause but (in most cases) for us girls growing a ‘tache is pretty impossible so why not knit one instead? They only take twenty minutes or so and you can sell them for £1 each to raise money for the charity. The pattern to knit your own moustache is as follows: I used DK wool and 4mm needles. Cast on 1 st leaving a long tail of thread so you can tie the moustache in place. 1. Knit front and back of stitch 2. Purl 2 3. Knit 1, knit 1 front and back 4. Purl 3 5. K1, Knit 2 front and back 6.…

  • How to Knit A Hat
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    Fisherman’s Beanie Hat Knitting Pattern

    My boyfriend has been doing pretty well out of me recently, first the baking and now I’ve gone and knitted him a hat. The hat is becoming an annual tradition, I made him one from the same pattern last year and the other day, he lost it and was having a mad panic. To avoid future crises I decided I’d make him a second one. It only takes an hour or two to complete and isn’t too taxing so a good one to do whilst watching some TV! You’ll need 4mm needles, I used Aran but you could easily use double knitting (DK) instead. 1. Cast on 90 stitches 2. (Knit…

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    Knitted Headband: Done.

    I finally got round to making this after seeing the post I reblogged earlier this year. It’s quite a quick one and is good for using leftover wool. I had some fine wool in a drawer and knitted it 3 strands thick on size 7 needles (the original pattern recommends size 8 but as the wool was so thin I went a size down). I love it and am definitely going to make it in other colours. It’s quite hippy chic but is pretty practical too as it keeps the ears warm. First on the list of things to pack for Glastonbury this year! 🙂

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    Knitted Headband Tutorial (Reblog)

    truebluemeandyou: DIY Three Strand Knit Cable Headband Tutorial from Concreate here. This is a clear how-to cable tutorial using 8mm or US 11 needles and she tripled the yarn (instead of one strand she used three while knitting). *For lots more knitting projects (including more headbands) go here: http://truebluemeandyou.tumblr.com/tagged/knitting

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    Owl Mug Cosy

    Mug cosies are a really cute way of adding personality to plain mugs and make huddling over a winter brew a pleasure without burning your hands! This is another quick make that takes an hour or so (depending on how fast you knit). It involves knitting from a cable needle so is a little tricky but reasonably straight-forward. Fits the average mug but could be easily adapted for smaller or larger mugs or cups. Be careful to keep it a little pushed down from the drinking edge though, otherwise you’ll be straining your tea through soggy wool!