My Favourite Cleaning Products

My Favourite Cleaning Products & Win a Minky M Cloth!

Just like everyone else, I’m totally addicted to Mrs Hinch on instagram!┬áSince my birthday I’ve become obsessed with cleaning and have been out and bought loads of cleaning products! This is so unlike me, my whole life has been spent resisting any sort of housework of any kind and then BAM, I’m hooked! If you haven’t already, go and follow her now and watch her stories!

In my latest vlog, I’ve talked you through my favourite cleaning products. These are the ones that just make life easier, smell good and make cleaning fun. They’re my absolute essentials to keep a nice clean house without spending hours on your hands and knees!

If you are familiar with Mrs Hinch you’ll know that Minky M Cloths (‘Minkehs’) have sold out everywhere! I managed to stock up before this happened but I’m feeling generous and I’m going to give away one of my stash plus some of my other #hinchhaul essentials to one lucky winner. All the details are in the video below.

If you’re not already following Mrs Hinch – go and do it! You can find me on instagram here.

All the best!

Bye for now, Cat x
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