Wholemeal Breadmaker Recipe
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Honey Wholemeal Bread Recipe (For the Breadmaker)

I’m a typical British girl, I love nothing more than some sarcasm, a brew and a slice of toast. I’ve got IBS so brown bread is much better for my tummy than white bread (even though I do love it) and I’m here to tell you that this wholemeal bread recipe even gives good old white toast a run for its money in deliciousness! If that wasn’t enough, because you can make it in the breadmaker, it’s barely any effort either!

Sliced Wholemeal Honey Loaf Bread

What you need:
545g wholemeal flour
10g instant yeast
2 tbsp olive oil
100g honey (I always find it easier to weigh it in a glass but it’s about 50ml if you want to measure it out – the choice is yours)

350ml of warm water (WARM not hot or it will mess with the yeast and the bread won’t rise)

Here’s the super complex recipe:

  1. Add the ingredients in the order above into the breadmaker pan.
  2. Set your breadmaker to a 2lb brown loaf program.
  3. Press start.
  4. Once it’s done take it out of the breadmaker right away and cool it on a wire tray – watch your fingers.

Wholemeal Honey Loaf Bread

I love cutting super thin slices for my toast with butter and marmite but, let me tell you, I’ve also experimented with Nutella and it was pretty darn good! What are your favourite toast toppings? Comment below and let me know!

Wholemeal Honey Loaf Toast


Bye for now, Cat x
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