Pink is my (new) favourite colour
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Pink Is My (New) Favourite Colour

I’ve never been what you’d call a girly girl, not that I’m a tomboy either but I always preferred teddies to dolls, I never minded getting messy whilst crafting and I have never been drawn to pink. Until now. I can’t seem to get enough of it, everything pink I see I want immediately! It’s also informing some of my current craft projects and is gradually wrapping its tendrils round many aspects of my life (the other day I found myself contemplating whether I’d like a pink car for god’s sake!).

Here are some of the pink items that have given me inspiration and had me drooling recently:

Pink is my (new) favourite colour

From left to right:
1. Willow Tote in Ballet Pink – Mulberry £1600 (sigh)
2. Marc Jacobs Sophisticato Wallet – $116
3. River Island Pink Fedora – ASOS £22
4. Olivia Burton Wonderland Watch – ASOS £62
5. Colour Bio Sandar – Zara £29.99
6. Alexander Mcqueen ‘The Heroine’ Tote – £1525 (swoon)

I’ve ordered one of these things already (can you guess which one?) and I think that next Friday when I get paid a few of the others will be coming my way but I think I’ll still be swooning and sighing…!

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