H&M Haul Vlog 2
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Another H&M Baby Clothes Haul!

Because I’ve had to replace nearly all of Theo’s baby clothes I placed a massive H&M order and have made another haul video.

I really find H&M online so much better than in store for baby clothes. I went to the Trafford Centre branch the other day and they only had one of the styles I’d ordered! The baby section is tiny and full of basics, the toddler section is a bit better but the best styles were still missing. It was all more of what I call “traditional” baby clothes rather than the more modern styles that they have online.

I was also a bit annoyed that you can’t get a refund in store if you’ve paid by PayPal – in this day and age it’s easy to implement PayPal as an instore payment method so should also be possible to give refunds. On the positive side, you can get store credit which can be redeemed online so it’s not all bad! Although I just placed another order and forgot to bloody use it!

I got some gorgeous monochrome and geometric print stuff so check out the video below and let me know what you think!

What I have found since filming the video is that the tops are really big! The trousers and dungarees fit him fine with a little room to grow but the tops are like dresses on him, coming down to just above his knees! To be fair, I’ve got a really short body and long legs so maybe he’s inherited my proportions but it does seem like quite an odd fit. He’s definitely 4-6 months in the other stuff but I guess he’ll have to grow into the tops. Better than it being too small for him I suppose!

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Bye for now, Cat x
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