DIY Smock Dress
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DIY Smock Dress

If ever there’s a trend I like it’s a loosely fitting one, even better if you can make it out of warmish fabric so it’s as much like wearing a nighty as possible. (Sad but true!) Smock dresses are absolutely perfect for this – the whole idea is that they’re oversized and they fit into the 90s grunge revival thing that celebs like Cara Delevigne et al have kicked off. ASOS have lots of smock dresses at the moment in all sorts of fabrics so it’s a great place to go for inspiration.

Smocking is the act of sewing loose parallel lines horizontally across the fabric and then pulling the tails of the thread to gather the fabric evenly. The gathers are then sewn permanently into position and the original lines of thread removed.  In this case the smocking is done in the skirt section.

DIY Smock Dress

This is another case of me having a dress in my head but finding it impossible to find a pattern that matched. In the end I created my own – you can now download the smock dress sewing pattern here!

The fabric I used was polyviscose suiting from Abakhan.

Diy Smock Dress - Back and Exposed Zip

I used a 22″ zipper on the back of the dress and sewed it on the outside. The exposed zip has become quite a contemporary look. To do this I used my zipper foot but instead of putting the needle on the same side of the foot as the zip I used the opposite side so the stitches ran just inside the edge of the zipper tape.

DIY Smock Dress 4

Worn here with Topshop Argo Croc Boots it’s good for an everyday work outfit but can be styled up with black heels and some bling or down with my trust Doc Martens.


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