DIY Steamer Tutorial

DIY Steamer Tutorial

I recently had to follow a recipe that called for a steamer but I didn’t have one and as I don’t eat alot of steamed food (or in fact any prior to this point) I didn’t want to rush out and buy one so instead I created my own diy steamer tutorial and it was surprisingly easy!

You need:
A large pan
An empty tin
An awl
A plate or bowl that fits inside the pan

1. Wash out an empty tin. I used a small spaghetti tin – it has to fit in your pan with the plate and food on top and you should still be able to put the pan lid on.

DIY Steamer Tutorial

2. Use the awl to punch some holes into the base of the can.

DIY Steamer Tutorial_b

3. Place the tin, punched side up into the pan and then fill with boiling water to about 1.5cm below the top of the tin.

DIY Steamer Tutorial

4. Place the plate or bowl on top of the tin. You can now bring the water back to the boil.

DIY Steamer Tutorial

5. Now add your food to the plate, replace the lid and steam for as long as the recipe requires.

DIY Steamer Tutorial

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Now I’ve got myself a steamer I’d love to know what are your favourite steamed recipes? What recipes should I be trying? Get in touch!


Bye for now, Cat x
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