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How to Nap With A Baby in the House

Having a nap or a lie after having a baby can prove difficult. I’m not talking about the fact that babies keep you awake, there’s not much I can do about that! What I mean is that on those amazing days when your partner gets up with the baby it can be hard to get to or stay asleep when you can hear those little baby noises or worse, cries. It can be hard to let go and almost impossible to override those mum instincts.

So what can you do? Accept that you can’t have a lie in until the baby is a teenager? Hell no! To get a decent sleep you only need two things: earplugs and your phone.

Earplugs sound pretty obvious right? But whenever I’ve used earplugs I can still hear noises, just not as loudly and that baby cry might as well be full volume! This is where your phone comes in.

You’ve heard of using white noise to help baby’s sleep but how about helping mums get some sleep? Find a track you like – I really like this rain sound one on YouTube. Turn the volume up and snuggle down to get some shut eye! The white noise makes is harder for stray sounds to get through to your subconscious and it’s a lot easier to catch up on some precious sleep. You could also throw in an eye mask to make it nice and dark if you wanted to.

Just to be clear, I’m only recommending this if someone else is in charge of the kids, you definitely should not do this if you’re responsible for caring for the baby. You need to be able to hear all the cries and noises then!

This works so well for me when my husband gets up with the baby at the weekend. I usually wake up on high alert after one tiny peep from Theo but this setup lets me have a couple of extra hours of blissful, uninterrupted sleep! Zzzzzzz…

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